Smartphone App to Aid Brain Injury Sufferers

January 29, 2014 Tags: , , ,

Brain in Hand equips people on the go and connects users to the medical community through the cloud. Neurological rehabilitation firm Glenside are running a large-scale pilot which uses smartphone technology to improve the lives of people with brain disorders.

CMS are always on the look for innovative new ways to interact and support our clients. Here’s a sample of the apps we have found useful at Case Management Services and we would love to hear of any that you use.

Dragon ( an app that allows you to dictate and use your voice to control your phone. (Free)

Nike+ ( keeps track of workouts, good for keeping track of fitness goals. (Free)

Verbally ( communication aid. (Free)

It’s done: ( customised to do list with alarm system to prompt. (£1.99)

Sticky Notes for iPad ( a sticky note system for iPad tablets. Similar to Evernote ( which is available across platforms. (Both free)

In addition, many phones come with excellent reminder systems and maps that can be beneficial to clients. Features may be available in standard apps such as adding pictures to contacts that will help a person with memory problem greatly.