Past Care Letter

The aim of a Past Care Letter is to outline what extra care and supervision is likely – given the nature of the injuries – to have been reasonably necessary and which was occasioned by the injury. However, what family members or others actually provided, and whether they are entitled to payment, are matters for the Court.



The assessor will have experience in care planning or discharge planning either from a hospital from working in the community.  Such reports can therefore be provided by a suitable occupational therapist, psychologist, nurse, social worker or case manager depending on experience.

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What the past care letter provides

  • This letter, of 2-3 pages, provides an outline of the past care & support which would have been reasonably necessary, and describes (from precognitions and/or from information gained at interview) the broad picture of what family and others say they did by way of care & support.
  • We generally show the level of support given during the inpatient phase and indicate the Crossroads rates which would have applied at the time.  Given that there is usually no clinical basis to say how much visiting in hospital was actually necessary, we do not total the costs but leave it to the Court to decide what may be reasonable.
  • As regards care after discharge from hospital, we provide an outline of the care/support we think would have been reasonably necessary and arising from injury, and we can provide a costing based on the applicable Crossroads rates for approximate guidance.

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