Immediate Needs Assessment (INA)

An Immediate Needs Assessment (INA) is related to the Rehabilitation Code.  The intention is to identify the way forward from the point at which the report is instructed, in order to get the process of rehabilitation and/or treatment under way.


These reports are generally provided early post-injury or at some other point where the case has become “stuck” and a way forward needs to be identified.  Immediate Needs Assessments (INAs) are classed as ‘treatment’ referrals. Timings are dependent on the volume of work at any given time but generally appointments are arranged within a month of referral and the report follows within four weeks.


The assessor will have experience in care planning or discharge planning either from a hospital or from working in the community.  Such reports can therefore be provided by a suitable occupational therapist, psychologist, nurse, social worker or case manager depending on experience.  The range of authors who may provide such reports is reasonably wide and means that waiting times are short.

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The report covers the following main areas:

  • Short term and medium term goals over a period of up to 2 years
  • The means to attain these goals, i.e. rehabilitation, treatment and support
  • The approximate costs of these methods
  • Guidance on how progress should be gauged

What we need – a checklist

We do not require extensive documentation, it is generally sufficient to have:

  • If available, reasonably up-to-date reports/records
  • Contact details for the client and significant other, e.g. spouse, parent or other party involved in helping the client.

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