Future Needs Reports

Future Needs Reports set out, in sufficient detail for litigation purposes, a broad range of future needs including rehabilitation, care, case management, equipment/adaptations, and extra living expenses.


In preparation for going to court, these reports are typically carried out several years post-injury when spontaneous recovery has plateaued and there is a reasonable degree of confidence about the prognosis.


The assessor will have broad experience in the various aspects covered, i.e. in the planning and provision of care, in aids and adaptations, rehabilitation, and long-term management in case management, etc. Ideally, this will be a health professional working in a relevant hospital involved in discharge planning, and/or has experience of working in the community.  The assessor will often be an occupational therapist and virtually always so where the issues of equipment arise.  The assessor can sometimes be a psychologist, if issues to do with supervision due to behaviour are key, or a nurse where there is a substantial medical/nursing input.

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The report covers the following main areas:

  • Treatment and rehabilitation
  • Future care
  • Case management
  • Equipment, and outline, but not details, of accommodation
  • Extra living costs, e.g. heating and lighting, transport, etc.

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