New iPhone App for ABI Survivors

May 27, 2014

At CMS we are always interested in the advantages of modern technology in the world of rehabilitation. We recently came across the new iPhone App ‘Qcard’ which is a fantastic app designed by a brain injury survivor for brain injury survivors. Qcard allows the user to set up reminders for taking medication and attending appointments. The advantages of Qcard over other reminder Apps is that you can set up additional prompts for certain task, for example, you remind yourself to make dinner but you also need reminders to tell you when to put the oven on, when to put on the potatoes, when your dish will be ready and most importantly a reminder to turn off the cooker. The app allows you to set prompts to guide you through an entire task from start to finish, something which many individuals have difficulty with following a brain injury. Another clever feature with this app is that you can send Qcards to other people and receive a notification when a task is done. Carers who worry that the person they support will forget to take their medication or attend an appointment can see when the task has been completed without having to phone or visit the person. This holds great potential for those involved in rehabilitation as you can remotely assist, manage and organise reminders. The App is free for a 30 day trial and there after is £2 per month or you can purchase a lifetime subscription for just under £240.

For more information on Qcard Click Here


Image courtesy of Mervi Eskelinen aka Tasselflower, Creative Commons