New Headway Group in Croydon

February 25, 2014

After a traumatic injury many people can begin to feel isolated. Sometimes relationships break down with family and friends, this can be down to a number of issues. You may no longer be able to pursue a hobby which connected you with certain friends, or you find it difficult to be in social situations due to problems with attention or controlling your temper. That’s where support groups, such as those organised by the charity Headway, can be a vital lifeline for many individuals after a traumatic brain injury. Attending Headway groups allows you to meet with other people who have a brain injury and can truly understand what you are going through. Some Headway groups around the UK also organise social events and run various educational and  recreational groups. Many CMS client’s have attended Headway and have greatly benefited from the peer support they have received from the other Headway members.

Headway South West London will meet every third Wednesday of the month at Fairfield House, East Croydon, from 6:30pm to 8pm. To see the original article via Croydon Advertiser Click Here.