Rehabilitation/ Treatment

When a case is referred we will generally start with an assessment and review of any existing reports/records. This will allow a formulation of the problem and the setting of treatment goals.

Treatment may be by one-to-one psychology sessions, or it may be that the psychologist helps and supports the team in the design and implementing of rehabilitation.

One-to-one treatment

One-to-one sessions might be best for example where Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is needed for anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, and problems with alcohol/substance misuse. This will often include helping the individual to plan a way forward.

Team approach

Working with the team in treatment/rehabilitation is sometimes the best way to tackle anxieties (e.g. anxiety over transport or being in busy places); anger and behavioural problems (e.g. behaving in a socially disinhibited way); or memory problems (e.g. losing track of events/tasks in day-to-day life).

Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT)

Our MDT meets regularly to review all active cases to be ensure advice of a wide range of professionals is available. The MDT includes members of various disciplines – psychology/ neuropsychology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, nursing, and social work, as well as case managers.

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