Medico-legal reports

We provide neuropsychological reports at the request of both claimants’ and defenders’ representatives as well as on a Single Joint Expert basis. We accept instructions from throughout the UK.

Neuropsychological and clinical psychology reports

Neuropsychological assessment is appropriate where there is actual or suspected injury to, or impairment of, brain function.

Clinical psychology assessment is appropriate where the effects are thought to be emotionally driven. These may be may be an emotional reaction to trauma, including anxiety/depressive symptoms, or substance-related symptoms. They may also be an emotional reaction, or difficulty in re-adjustment after physical injury such spinal injury or amputation.

Assessment process and results

We allow an assessment up to 1½ hours for a clinical psychology reports and up to 3 hours for neuropsychology reports. The clinical psychology assessment includes clinical interview with the client and where possible an interview with a family member or close friend. The neuropsychology assessment also includes a clinical interview, which has to be rather more wide-ranging, an interview with a family member or close friend, and the use of various psychometric tests.

The psychometric tests used in neuropsychology assessment include:

  • measures of pre-morbid function (to establish the client’s level of ability pre-injury)
  • current intellectual functioning
  • assessment of memory, attention, and executive function (high level cognitive skills to do with sequencing and planning).

British Psychological Society guidance is that effort testing should be included to establish that the results are valid. It is in our view good practice to include details of the tests used and raw and centile scores as an appendix.

Clinical psychology and Neuropsychology reports will generally have implications for further treatment/rehabilitation and for ability to return to work. In addition neuropsychology reports will have implications for Capacity and in broad terms need for supervision/protection.

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