Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology

CMS has neuropsychology and clinical psychology in-house. We have two Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologists – Dr Bill McKinlay, and Dr Andrew Harrison who have a wide experience of clinical assessment, treatment/rehabilitation, and medico-legal assessment. We also have as Associates several other neuropsychologists/clinical psychologists who can provide assessments, treatment and rehabilitation.


In the UK, neuropsychology is a specialism within clinical psychology. Neuropsychologists should have a first degree in psychology and training as a clinical psychologist (nowadays a doctoral qualification). They should also have further training in neuropsychology and should be entered on the British Psychology Society’s specialist register in Clinical Neuropsychology.

After conditions such as brain injury or stroke, the factors which most affect the individual’s life are usually as aspects of cognition (mental abilities) and emotional adjustment and behavioural change. These are the areas that neuropsychologists assess and also the areas in which they provide treatment and plan rehabilitation

Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychologists also start with a psychology degree and training in clinical psychology. Clinical psychologists may then specialise in a variety of areas – for example adult mental health, older adults, or children and adolescents. Within these areas practitioners may work with specific conditions such as anxiety or depressive disorders, substance abuse, and adjustment to physical conditions including spinal injury.

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