Give It A Goal!

January 15, 2019

All this month the CMS team are focusing on making positive changes to benefit our health and wellbeing. This was inspired by our recent team training from our Physiotherapists Amanda Campbell and Shikha Zalpuri Kapila, titled, ‘Love Activity, Hate Exercise’. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists introduced the ‘Love Activity, Hate Exercise’ campaign last year, which focuses on promoting activity that a person enjoys, instead of undertaking exercise that they hate and looks at overcoming barriers to participating in activity, such as pain, fatigue or lack of motivation, with the help of physiotherapists. Using the same logic, Amanda and Shikha discussed ways in which our team can undertake activity throughout our work day that we enjoy and gets us moving which will ultimately benefit our health and wellbeing.


Below our Rehabilitation Assistant, Gemma Scullion, shares her plans for 2019.


“My big goal for 2019 is to finally hit my target weight! I was on the road to this goal 4 years ago and had managed to lose two stone before becoming pregnant with my first child. Although I was unable to work towards my target weight, I did continue with my healthy eating and exercise for at least the first two trimesters, but the less said about my eating habits in the last few weeks of pregnancy the better. So here I am, two kids later and back to working towards my target weight goal. 

Instead of declaring it my ‘New Year’s Resolution’ I’m going to ‘Give It A Goal’. This is our campaign for the month of January to promote the setting of S.M.A.R.T goals to help achieve results rather than the standard New Year’s Resolution, which has a bad reputation for not lasting very long. In my role as Rehab Assistant, I am involved in supporting clients to work towards their rehabilitation goals. Often the client’s overall goal can seem very overwhelming and feel impossible given the time and effort required to reach it. By breaking up the overall goal into smaller targets, I’ve seen clients achieving much better results. The sense of accomplishment by hitting these smaller targets has a positive impact on the client’s morale and motivation to continue toward their main goal.     

I plan to use the same approach to reach my own goal for 2019. My overall aim is to lose 2 stone by the time I go on holiday at the start of May.


Here are just some of my S.M.A.R.T goals to help reach my target:


1 Eat fruit at tea break instead of cake or biscuit by 7 January 2019


2 Go for 20 minute brisk walk each day by 14 January 2019


3 When possible, take telephone or video calls standing up by 31 January 2019


4 Track all food intake and exercise using apps by 28 February 2019


5 Undertake 30 mins of exercise twice per week by 31 March 2019


I’m excited to get back on track after the Christmas break and motivated to finally reach my target after all these years of going up and down”



We wish Gemma and all of you the very best with reaching your goals for the year ahead!