Rehabilitation Assistant

What is a Rehabilitation Assistant?


Case Management Services use rehabilitation assistants to help implement rehabilitation programmes as set by the Case Manager and treating therapists.

Rehabilitation assistants can spend time with clients supporting them to progress their rehabilitation in a community setting, reinforcing strategies and supporting practise/ exercises as relevant for that client.

What does a Rehabilitation Assistant do?

Rehabilitation assistants promote independence of the client, helping the client work towards their rehabilitation goals. This is achieved by:

  • meeting regularly with the client
  • working closely with the rehabilitation team
  • providing feedback to help guide treatment

Advantages of Rehabilitation Assistants

Our rehabilitation assistants receive further training from Case Management Services to supplement any other training they may have already. This places them in a better position to take an active role in rehabilitation.

Why choose a rehabilitation assistant over a support worker?

  • rehabilitation assistants work within the CMS¬†team
  • maintains continuity
  • allows client to continue with rehabilitation
  • ensures lines of communication between client and case manager
  • knowledge of the various aspects of therapy
  • able to make clinical judgements while working with our clients
  • provides a stepping stone from case manager led rehabilitation to support

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