Community Based Rehabilitation

Community Based Rehabilitation provides a specialist brain injury team, led by a Case Manager, to work with a client and their family. The aim of the service is to maximise an individual’s potential for independence, and support their reintegration back into the community. Rehabilitation is done in the client’s own home and input is time-limited, intensive, client-orientated and goal-specific.

Advantages of CBR?

  • Individuals gain insight. The relevance of skills training is greater when working in your own home and community.
  • Generalisation is more easily achieved. You can put into immediate effect skills/strategies you learn, with no need to ‘transfer’ skills from hospital.
  • Family understanding is increased and family supported to assist with rehabilitation process.
  • Ready access to community facilities (e.g. college courses, clubs, local gym, voluntary work, employment retraining) on which the client may rely long-term, and which can be introduced during rehabilitation.
  • Travel and social skills are much more readily practised.
Stephenson S, Wiles R, British Journal of Occupational Therapy  63(2):59-64, 2000.

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