Case Management

What is a Case Manager?


A case manager provides the overall co-ordination of continuing rehabilitation and care, identifying local resources and activities to help the individual to structure his or her time. The overall aim is to achieve the best possible reintegration into the community – to achieve safe long-term community living, with the best possible quality of life.

What does a case manager do?

The role of a case manager is varied and can cover many aspects of an individual’s life. Key areas include:

Organising community based rehabilitation

Coordinating a multidisciplinary assessment and treatment plan. This involves:

  • introducing remedial activities and retraining
  • maintenance of current fitness and mobility
  • improvement and maintenance of daily independence.

Family intervention

A case manager acts as a mediator, providing education and seek additional training for families as to what an individual can and cannot do, how best they can support the individual and themselves to reduce stress and help all affected adjust to life after injury

Establishing structure and routine (leisure, vocational)

Exploring possible social activities, encouraging current interests/prompting new ones. This often involves the case manager investigating some form of occupation and or employment, if appropriate. This encompasses many other areas of rehabilitation including travel, budgeting, social skills, planning and organisation and safety awareness.

Setting up and management of a care regime

This requires ongoing assessment and review of client needs to ensure the appropriate care package is in place and an individual has a cohesive and stable care regime. The case manager works alongside individuals to recruit a suitable team, ensures staff are trained and provides ongoing review.

Registered Case Managers

Our case managers are registered with the British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers (BABICM). We also have links with CMSUK another organisation specifically geared towards developing case management in the UK.

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