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Established in 1988, CMS is an independent case management provider. We specialise in case management, community based rehabilitation and expert witness assessment after traumatic injury. We have an in-house multi-disciplinary team, including neuropsychologists, working throughout the UK. Our aim is to provide specialist rehabilitation and case management in the community, working with all those affected by catastrophic injury, to rebuild and create new opportunities. Read More

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New Year Goals, Not Resolutions!

January 09 2020

Welcome to January! A time where people make those sweeping declarations of a lifestyle overhaul as their New Years Resolution. Your social media will likely be full of these public pledges of change for the New Year and inspirational quotes telling you "2020 is your year" "New Year New You" and "Believe In Your Dreams"....

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Wearables collect a variety of data including gait, heart rate and sleep patterns and the hope is by analysing this…

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